Are you overpaying your OpenCart hostng?

Boosting OpenCart performance with extensions only is not always an option. Our customers often learn that hard way. Luckily, we have recognize patterns and we have solution for you. You don't need to pay hundreds of $$$ for descent OpenCart hosting. How - you might ask yourselves... by optimization!

We're happy to share with you that we're in development of customized Cloud VPS hosting solution for OpenCart.

During last couple of months we have learned that numerous of our customers issue were result of poorly configured servers (both VPS and dedicated), or even worse - shared hosting environments that are simply not suitable for OpenCart..


"...but I'm already paying hundreds of dollars for my VPS / Dedicated server... why would I need another one?"


One of our latest customer contacted us regarding performance issue, hoping our extensions will improve his performance. It did!

However, because improper server configuration we have realized that there are more hidden potential of our extensions. We have learned that our customer was using 8 vCPU / 16 GB of RAM / gigabit uplink VPS setup for his business. That setup should give more than enough performance to serve OpenCart with couple of thousands products.... but It didn't.

We've learned that his hosting company preconfigured server to offer stability and low memory consuption per host which is typical configuration for shared hosting environment.

Ok - we said and asked - but how many web projects are you running on your server?

Only this one - customer said.

We were terrified when realized that customer is paying $320 US / mo... and OpenCart performance is defeating - more than 8 seconds to load one page...


SuperDruid Optimized OpenCart Cloud VPS  hosting to the rescue


It's time for drawing board... brute power is not enough, we need something smarter here. By carefull analysis of specific OpenCart implementation - we have got an idea how things might work... and after careful consideration we came up with solution.

Our solution consisted on cherry-picked server location (to match customers market needs) but more important, we've came up with special server configuration that enabled blazing fast performance for only a fraction of price customer used to pay for his hosting package.

We've jumpstarted only 2 vCPU core server, with 2GB RAM and SSD backed data storrage.

By only carefull and aggressively optimized configuration we've managed to boost OpenCart performance.


  Old unoptimized server New Optimized server Difference
Server config 8 vCPU / 16 GB RAM / SSD 2 vCPU / 2 GB RAM / SSD po  
Price (monthly) $320 US $20 US $300 US
Price (yearly) $3.840 US $240 US $3600 US
Page load time 7.9 s 3.9 s 4 s
HTML download time 2.2 s 1,1 s 1 s
Time to first bite 2,8 s 0,8 s 2 s
Total page size 1.1 MB 0.7 MB 0,3 MB
PageSpeed score 66% 92% 26%
Yslow score 69% 82% 13%



What that actually means for our customer?

In a nutshell that means:

  • We have saved $3.600,00 US per every year for our customer
  • We have boosted performance of OpenCart to our customer which will enable him to grow his business faster

Of course, with business growth we will need to scale up customers server

Want to try our optimized server? Contact us now!