Benefits of optimized OpenCart

Having optimized, fast and reliable OpenCart is of most importance, simply because more opzimized OpenCart means more customers in the same amount of time or, if you will it also can mean more purcases, more revenue.... and all that with more satisfied customers who value their time.

What are the benefits of optimized OpenCart?

Increasing number of product from 50 to 100 items in shop is definitely not the same as increasing 500 to 1000 or 5000 to 10000 items.  On lower number of products, optimization is not as effective as in OpenCart instances with large amount of items for sale. Of course, many other parameters are involved here... like number of requests (number of simultaneous visitors)... where this benefit is actually even more visible.


  Total execution time in seconds *
# of page loads by one customer optimized unoptimized
5 5 200
10 10 400
50 50 2000
100 100 4000
500 500 20000
1000 1000 40000
Execution time for thousand of customers
in seconds 1000 40000
in minutes 16,67 666,67
in hours 0,28 11,11


* For easier calculations, we've rounded the values here, our plugin powered OpenCart renders page in a second, while for same job unoptimized OpenCart takes 40 seconds.

As you may see, it might not be so terrible to see that one customer can check 5 different products to buy in unoptimized shop in 200 seconds.

But idealy, one customer could browse 1000 of products in les than 17 minutes while if you have unoptimized version of shop, the same task would take more than 11 hours to complete.

You might just get the feeling that your competitor with optimized shop will soon wave you from his yacht while you struggle in bills for more powerfull infrastructure.