Server setup of our test environment for SuperDruid OpenCart extensions

There are a lots of ways to test something. Find out how we performed test of our OpenCart plugins.
We are not selling you an idea, but solution. To convince you that our plugins actually work, we created for you a test environment to see for yourself how it was done, and how it is working in actual production environment.

As stated here, the test environment consists:

  • same OpenCart version (OpenCart 1.5)
  • same OpenCart configuration (default, without any additional extensions)
  • same server hardware configuration
    • virtual server situated on same datacenter (Amsterdam)
    • same internet uplink speed
    • same vServer configuration (vCPU core x 1, 512 MB of RAM, 20 GB SDD HDD)
  • same server software configuration
    • PHP-FPM as application server
    • APC opcode cache
    • nginx web server
    • MariaDB (MySQL server fork)
    • Debian Linux 7 (64bit)
    • OpenCart 1.5.x version


Now when you have clearer overview of what's under the hood of our test environment, we want you to know that the only real difference between the two test versions of OpenCart is that one has installed our database optimization plugin, while the other instance doesn't have.

We want to show you how for really small amount of money you are buying adequate solution that resolves the problem on it's source instead of masking the problem and offering less effective and potential much more expensive solutions available on the market.


Why is this important to understand?

We got lot of questions from our customers asking as why our plugin is better than the competition. Sometimes it's much harder to explain something than simply showing it and we do not want to force you into anything, we just want to show you real life example that proves the concept.

When you're ready, please click the button under to start loading both of the instances of the OpenCart. Remember, this is not video, scripted or modified in any other way but rather simple request that will load both OpenCart instances in separate iFrames (that actually work as separate browser windows).


Opencart instance supercharged by SuperDruid database optimization extensions.

Default OpenCart instance without our extensions.


For Your convenience, please feel free to open in two separate browser windows (or tabs), and see it for yourself:

Remember - no other extensions are installed, so this trully shows the power of our optimization.

As you might notice... our optimized version is loaded under the second, while unoptimized version suffers from huge lag, often more than minute. Significant and very important thing to understand is that this is not conditioned by speed of internet connection, but here, we're talking about time required for server to start serving OpenCart and sending it to your browser.

Why does unoptimized version takes so long to load page?

Short answer would be that it has thousands and thousands of products in thousands of categories. Unfortunately, OpenCart by default doesn't handle that amount of information to good and with increasing number of products and categories increases page loading time as well.

As the matter of fact, It's not sole OpenCart problem, it has something with the database and it's configuration too. Database structure of OpenCart has some design flaws that we tend to fix with our plugin, that's why it's much more better and way more effecient than standard web site caching. You can find out more about caching in this article.

Due this database design flaw and how OpenCart works, more products and more categories means more time needed by OpenCart to process the data stored in database.