OpenCart Premium DB Indexes

OpenCart Premium DB Indexes

OpenCart performance extensions

Many OpenCart performance/optimization extensions are focused on various content caching techiques, which only masks real issues. Our extension collection actually deals with database optimization, which resolves OpenCart infrastructural and core problems without ridiculous demand for memory and/or CPU power.

To support stable growth of your business, especially if your business is based upon OpenCart web shop, then you might end up in bit trouble once your webshop starts to attract more and more customers, just as number of product grows in your OpenCart instance.

The old way

How everyone's doing
(and how it shouldn't be done)

There are often limited number of solutions to address these issues. Couple of traditional solutions would include:

Option #1  / Migration of OpenCart instance to new hosting provider or better hosting plan

Yes, that might enable you couple of months run with better performance, but you'll have additional issues with further expansion of customers and product base in your web shop. Unfortunately, that also have a limit. 

Option #2 / Migration of OpenCart instance to own server

That also might seem as a good idea... the server is all yours, no hogging of resources by other customers on shared web hosting plan, no downtime due to other customers problems. Sounds perfect.

In real life that could be true, but again - only up to situation where too many products are added, and no matter how fast and powerful the server is, at one point it will get clogged by core OpenCart problems and limitations. Yes, it is also true that there are numerous available configurations for that purpose, but it is also true that this solution will come with a huge price tag, too high for average OpencartStore owner, and it will be exponential jump in infrastructure cost (from tens of $$/month to up to thousands of $$/month).

Option #4 / Migration of OpenCart instance to the cloud

Oh Yes! The cloud nowadays resolves all issues.... or does it not? Yes, it resolves issues by buffering hyper jump from tens of $$/month to thousands of $$/month so it happens gradually. That might look quite nice solution on the long run, but what will happen to your OpenCart instance in cloud? By adding more products, thy system will burn more resources to serve the same amount of customers and if we increase a product base, we'll also increase customer base... it's natural progression of the matter, which at the end - could end up with also enormous monthly bills for infrastructure.

Option #5 / OpenCart extensions (cache optimizations, cache this, cache that...)

That option is probably the easiest, but are you aware of how these "optimization" extensions actually work? Server will still have problem with same amount of requests to servers and basically, these extensions will trade one resourse for another (caches are greedy about memory and disk space). It's basically first step every site owner will dig into, sometimes it is last step and again - nothing significantly different will happen to your cart.

The SuperDruid way

We're fixing OpenCart core issue
(how it should be done)

Our extension pack deals with issues at its core - database schema structure and optimization queries before they are even executed.

By implementing optimization at this level with SuperDruid OpenCart extensions, we're giving server's CPU and RAM an opportunity to chill out due to fact that they do not have to handle ridiculous amount of data and performing many operations for every single page load request for every single web shop visitor.

Who will have benefit of our OpenCart optimization extensions pack?

Short answer:
- everybody.

Little longer answer:

  • OpenCart web shop owners
    • lower TCO through managing high performance of web shop on older servers or even on shared hosting infrastructure
    • faster loading times will enable your OpenCart instance to serve more, much more customers with lightning loading times
  • Customers and buyers
    • lower waiting time - bigger the satisfaction of customers and bigger the revenue at the end



Performance comparison - see for your self and witness the miracle

We've prepared for you a side-by-side showcase comparison between optimized and unoptimized versions od OpenCart instances. Only difference is that one instance is default OpenCart installation while other is charged only with our database optimization plugins.

Find out more here and check live side-by-side example now. Also check here more detailed description of how the test is performed.


Our current OpenCart Extension selection


  • SuperDruid OpenCart Premium DB Indexes
    This extension sets up proper database indexes for better, optimized and faster performance of you large OpenCart store.
    Performance gains are much easier to spot in cases of thousands of products and categories than in cases of small shop instances, but it's definitely usable for all types of OpenCart sizes

    Buy now on OpenCart extension store our SuperDruid Premium DB Indexes extension now for only  $36

  • SuperDruid OpenCart DB Cache Unleashed

    The extension is specially suitable for high load OpenCart sites by implementing simple, yet efficient database modification where product view count is rewritten.
    OpenCart product view counter uses database UPDATE method where every time someone visits the product page. Instead of that, we modified the update procedure to make INSERT to new table and aggregate results once a day instead. Database INSERTS are much more efficient because there's no table / row lock while UPDATE procedure is finished. Yes, it's milliseconds, but it's faster around 5 times in average and in high traffic websites, this gets multiplied by the factor of concurrent visitors.

    This extension also rewrites some of the standard OpenCart database queries to make them cachaeble by inbuilt MySQL database cache.

    Buy now on OpenCart extension store our SuperDruid OpenCart DB Cache Unleashed extension for only $45