OpenCart Premium DB Indexes

OpenCart Premium DB Indexes

Live performance comparison

If you're still not convinced, we've prepared you a simple demo.

Check how blazing fast is OpenCart with our optimization extensions

Before you see our OpenCart extensions in action, please read the facts about the test installations.


We've prepared for you 2 default OpenCart instances with more than 25 000 products filed under little less than 1000 categories.

Both instances are plain, default installations of OpenCart. All products there are imported the same way.

Both instances are running od same server configuration, under same conditions under same environments:

Server software configuration

Both instances are running the same software

  • PHP-FPM as application server
  • APC opcode
  • nginx web server
  • MariaDB (MySQL server fork)
  • Debian Linux 7 (64bit)
  • OpenCart 1.5.x version

Server hardvare configuration

Both configurations are virtual machine configurations similar to Amazon's t2.micro (with half of memory available).

  • 512 MB of RAM
  • vCPU 1
  • 20 GB HDD
  • 100 Mbps uplink


Opencart instance supercharged by SuperDruid database optimization extensions.


Default OpenCart instance without our extensions.